What is Legumeat®?
A new way to eat legumes created by SanyGran to help you include them in your diet.

Legumeat® is a wholesome, healthy, easy-to-prepare product. It is made from legume flours to prepare Beef-Bean, Bocados and the Legumbreta range, and mixed with rice to make lengüitas and milandessas.


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It’s no surprise people get disenchanted with legumes. They take ages to cook and are often hard to digest. And if we don’t eat them, how can we expect our children to?

That’s why SanyGran has come up with a pleasant, convenient and economical way to eat legumes.

  • Healthy food without complications

    Convenient, healthy and highly nourishing

  • Good for your health

    Low-fat and includes the essential amino acids.

  • Feel nourished

    Provides meatless diets with an additional source of protein and adds to the range of food products suitable for coeliacs.

  • More legumes, please!

    Helps increase legume intake and has great culinary possibilities.


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