We are committed towellbeing

Creating healthy, nutritious and environmentally-friendly products is Sanygran’s raison d’être.

To this end, we create products that are:

+ healthy    + sustainable    + tasty   + simple

Alimentos Sanygran, S.L. is the result of a food innovation project started by a team of people with more than 20 years' experience in the nutrition and healthy eating sector.

The original aim of this project was to develop an extruded food product out of legumes and cereals which could substitute meat and be suitable for people who do not eat animal-based food products, such as vegans and vegetarians.

This led to the creation of Legumeat®, which is also suitable for coeliacs as all of its raw ingredients are gluten-free. To date, Sanygran is the only manufacturer in Spain of extruded meat substitutes which are both vegan and gluten-free.

Since its creation, the project has transformed, both in terms of industry and in differentiating and expanding markets and products. Consequently, in 2019 we launched our Flexi line: Flexiburger®, Flexinuggets®, Flexilasaña® and Flexiballs®.

All our products have been designed with the perfect balance between vegetable and animal protein so they can be eaten as part of a flexitarian diet. The Flexi line offers all the benefits of vegetables with the tastiness of meat.

And we keep going forward with Buenggies, born in 2020: Highly nutritious ready-made meals to love for anyone who has decided to switch to a healthier, sustainable and enviromentally friendly diet, without giving up the taste od their favourite recipes.

A new type of vegetable protein on sale in our range of ambient ready meals.

Made from legumes and cereals, Buenggies are delicious! With similar texture to meat, this range reinvents classic flavours: Andalusian, Han and cheese schnitzel, Garlic...

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Our raw ingredients are vegetable meals (legumes, cereals, seeds, fruits, vegetables, etc.) that obtain their texture through extrusion, a continuous and mechanical cooking process which gives the product its characteristic texture.

The result of this ambitious legume innovation project is Legumeat®, a food product with a meat-like texture, very pleasing on the palate and with an average protein content of around 50%.

The product is sold dried and in a number of different formats and can be used in cooking after gently boiling it in a way that gives it the desired flavour.

To produce the Flexi range of ready-made meals, we combine extruded vegetables with the corresponding percentage of meat in each recipe, making the products in a traditional way.

The Flexi products come frozen so as to conserve all the nutrients as well as increase their shelf life.