Bite-size pieces


Innovative, additive-free product based on vegetable protein. It has a high nutritional value, low level of vegetable fat and provides a complete aminogram of all the essential amino acids.Suitable for coeliacs. Long shelf life.


Non-GMO fat-free soy flour, rice flour and bean flour.


Boil in water or stock (400 ml per 50 g of product) for around 5 minutes.
Drain and season to taste. Coat and fry, bake, stew or grill. We suggest adding vegetables to garnish.


Nutritional information per 100 g

Energy value 314 kcal
Energy value 1310 kJ
Fat 1,5 g
Of which saturates 0,25 g
Carbohydrates 15 g
Of which sugars* 3,7 g
Fibre 20 g
Protein 50 g
Salt** 0,03 g


* Contains naturally occurring sugars.
** The salt content only refers to the naturally occurring sodium in the product.

Aminogram per 100 g protein

L-lysine 6,4 %(m/m)
L-isoleucine 4,9 %(m/m)
L-leucine 8,2 %(m/m)
L-phenylalanine 5,3 %(m/m)
L-threonine 4,4 %(m/m)
L-alanine 4,6 %(m/m)
L-proline 5,1 %(m/m)
L-cysteine 0,4 %(m/m)
L-arginine 7,3 %(m/m)
L-tyrosine 1,6 %(m/m)
L-valine 5,2 %(m/m)
L-methionine 1,2 %(m/m)
Aspartic Acid 12,8 %(m/m)
L-serine 5,2 %(m/m)
Glutamic Acid 20,1 %(m/m)
L-glycine 4,5 %(m/m)
L-histidine 2,7 %(m/m)