Healthy and sustainable

What is Legumeat®?

Legumeat® is a novel concept in the use of pulses as an alternative to meat. It is a vegetable protein-based food whose formulation is the result of combining legumes and cereals to obtain a complete nutritional profile.

Legumeat® is the base food for the preparation of all your healthy and appetising vegetable dishes. We have created an innovative product with a meat-like texture and a neutral taste so that you can prepare a multitude of recipes.

Cook Legumeat® the way you like it!

Legumeat® is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, coeliacs and anyone who, for ethical, health or environmental reasons, wishes to minimise or eliminate meat from their diet.

Legumeat® offers innovative nutrition, providing a base food for the preparation of healthy and appetising dishes!


High protein content


High fibre content


Low fat content


Low saturated fat content


Low salt content






No added sugars

With Legumeat® you can get the most out of your healthy dishes quickly and easily.

Why cereals and pulses?

Proteins are chains of amino acids, which we need for the proper functioning of our organism. Some of these amino acids can be synthesised by the human body, but other amino acids, known as essential amino acids, must be taken with food in adequate amounts and proportions so that each cell can form the specific type of protein it needs.

Legumeat® contains vegetable protein of high biological value as it provides all the essential amino acids in an adequate amount.

50 g of protein per 100 g of dehydrated product, less than 2% vegetable fat, no additives and high fibre content!

It’s the perfect choice for any occasion.


How to prepare Legumeat?

Legumeat® is highly versatile in the kitchen and is quick and easy to prepare: just hydrate it in broth or hot water, or directly in a sauce you have prepared that is more liquid than usual for optimal hydration.

Legumeat® products can be grilled, baked, stewed, battered or fried.

You can also use Legumeat® as an ingredient for burgers, croquettes, meatballs, pasta or pizza sauces, etc.

Try our recipes and enjoy!