Welcome to SanyGran. We are pioneers in the development of Legumeat®, a novel concept in the use of legumes.

SanyGran is helping to increase the possibilities available when it comes to easy, healthy, economical cuisine.

Legumeat is a wholesome, healthy, easy-to-prepare product. It is made from legume flours to prepare Beef-Bean, Bocados and the Legumbreta range, and is mixed with rice to make lengüitas and milandessas. A 100% natural, additive-free product. We do not use genetically modified flours. Our aim is to contribute, within our possibilities, to a pleasant, convenient and economical diet.


The process is very simple. We use legume flours which we texture in just a few seconds by extrusion.

Extrusion has been widely used in the food industry for decades. Products like pasta and a lot of snacks are made using this technique, which in our case can be considered a continuous cooking process.

The result of this ambitious legume-innovation project is a new product that we call Legumeat®, a foodstuff with a meat-like texture which pleases all palates and has an average protein content of approximately 50%.

Legumeat® comes dehydrated and is ready for use in any recipe after a light boil in a liquid from which it can take on the flavour we wish to give it.

It is suitable for coeliacs and vegetarians.

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Vial B, 27 – Polígono Municipal
31500 Tudela, Navarra, Spain

  • Business phone number: +34 948 488 501
  • Sales email: comercial@sanygran.com
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