Legumeat® allows you to turn meat dishes into legume-based dishes with extraordinary ease, substantially improving their nutritional characteristics:

  • Less saturated fat
  • Less cholesterol
  • More fibre
  • More calcium
  • More antioxidants

All in all, healthy, economical, nutritious dishes.

Legumeat only needs a light boil and it’s ready to eat. SanyGran aims to offer you a pleasant, convenient and economical way to eat legumes.

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Vial B, 27 – Polígono Municipal
31500 Tudela, Navarra, Spain

  • Business phone number: +34 948 488 501
  • Sales email: comercial@sanygran.com
  • Admin email: admin@sanygran.com
  • Production email: produccion@sanygran.com

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